Clown, Crump, Krump Dance

There has been alot of talk on clown, crump (krump) dance. We've been deprived all these years. We've never seen Krusty the Clown popping his booty, Ronald McDonald never C-walked, and Bozo ... forget about it. He could probably barely do a jig, let alone shake his whole body like an enraged zombie from '28 days later'

Tommy the Clown started his career in 1992, to help out a friend in need that needed a clown.

Now a days he is known as the father of krumping. Krumping is a new style of dance that Tommy began and is best described as a raw, natural and expressive freedom of the body.

Tommy has set the standard in Southern California as one of the most sought after entertainers.

Battle Zone was created soon enough to give a better outlet to the conflicts of "who's krumping or clowning was best".

As a result it ended up giving the community an alternative to violence.

SO how exactly is this dance done?

"Krumping is when you're dancing and your body is doing a lot of different moves," Tommy explained. "It's really like you're fighting on the dance floor. It's more of an intensity. It can be fast-paced, it can be a lot of moves that are really sharp."

To watch a video of people Krumping click here.

To learn more and discuss the dance with other Krumpers, click here to visit our discussion, chat board.
Tommy The clown - The father of Krumpin

There are over 50 krump groups in LA

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