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CripWalk - Learn how to do it!

C-walkYou are probably here because you are a beginner and you want to learn how to do the cripwalk. Although many say the crip walk should be banned because of its gang-based history, we think of it as merely a dance move and nothing more. However for your own safety, you might want to read this crip walk history article to learn about its significance. To help make it easier for you to learn how to do the crip walk, we have gathered some videos and pictures from the internet to make the experience a little easier for you.

Simple The How to Crip Walk Steps

1. Stand with both feet together.
2. Jump and turn towards the right a little.
3. Land with right foot in front on heel and left foot in back on toes.
4. Jump and turn a little to the left and land how you started, both feet together.
5. Do the same with left foot in front as you turn a little to the left.

In English / The Explanation

First stand up straight and relax. It'll look funny if you're all tense. Now, spread your feet about 3 inches apart. If you are right handed, start with your right foot, if you are left handed start with your left foot. Okay first, you make a baby step hop on that certain foot. That foot should end up at a 45 degree angle and your toes should be up with your heel on the ground. Then you slightly bend your knees and put your foot down. Then you repeat that same pattern with your other foot. It sounds very confusing, but it's not. It just takes time and effort.

: Of course you can add some quick jumping to the left and right rapidly, harlem, wave, whatever for style. But for the basic concept of crip walk, the above explains it pretty well.

If you would like to watch what I mean above, check the videos below. These will help you learn and develop your own style, like the people that recorded them.

The instructional videos

Notice: These videos are in .wmv, .avi (divx), and or mpeg format. Click the video to download. The instructional crip walk video #1 is offline currently, along with the second cripwalk video on kicking and the fourth and fifth crip-walk (c-walk) videos are in the members section.

UPDATE:  The videos above are not hosted on our server, so we canot control when they go offline or not. Because of this, we have made our own CRIP WALK VIDEOS section, check it out.


Now that you have seen people crip walk (in videos) and just read the how to about it from above. You may want to look at a list of songs that are pretty much meant for you to get yo walk on. Songs to Crip Walk to, click the link for a list.

To Discuss the crip walk even more, or to learn and ask other questions involving hip hop dancing in general. Check out our forums/discussion area by clicking here for crip walk.

Note: it is crip, not kryp, krypt, krip, or crypt, cryp...Just a note to all the people emailing me asking me for "krypt walk videos"


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